Medical and biological facts

Some crucial medical, biological and anatomical facts in human females are ignored and overlooked with regard to explaining our human evolution.

These facts are:

  • Human females have an external glans clitoris and an internal crux clitoris. Whilst female great apes -like chimpanzees and bonobo’s- have an internal clitoris and an external corpus cavernosum.
  • The external human clitoris is anatomically positioned in the skin crease of the labia majora and minora. The clitoris of chimps and bonobo’s lays within the vagina.
  • Human females urinate through an anatomically differentiated urethra, while female chimps and bonobo’s relieve themselves through the vagina.
  • In human females the corpus cavernosum -glans and crus clitoris- are part of the liquor system. The liquor system includes the spinal cord and fluid and the brain. The liquor system has its own ‘beat’ and forms a closed circuit with the brain.
  • In both humans and great apes the menstruation cycle is governed by the bloodstream.

Corpus cavernosum female
These anatomical, medical and biological facts formed and still form the essence of my academic search. They have guided me to unravel the great enigma of our human evolution.

I would never have guessed it would take me 25 years of auto-didactic research. But it has. It takes time to study the many great scientists and theorists in evolutionary biology and neurosciences. It takes even more time to think ‘out of the box’ and to find an answer to a question nobody has raised before.

On the website and the blog you can read about my findings. I introduce The Sexual and Social Intelligence Hypothesis. It is my proposal for a paradigmatic shift in Darwin’s evolutionary theory.