Bias in evolutionary theory

On 26 oktober 2018

The semiotic model for evolutionary theory is ideologically, religiously and philosophically biased. Developed in the 19the century by Charles Darwin, and opposed by -among others- Jean-Baptiste Lamarck with his theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics, the evolution theory has survived time and tide. The Sexual and Social Intelligence Hypothesis refutes the Sexual selection axiom in -at least- humans. According to the SSIH what has to be explained in human evolution is the origin of differentiation in sex organs and reproductive organs and the broadening of biomolecular information exchange between blood and brain.

In current evolutionary theory the female orgasm is problematical. There is hardly any scientific evidence that female orgasm and fertilization are related. From an anatomical and biomedical viewpoint the lacking relation between female orgasm and becoming pregnant is explainable. Clitoris and orgasm are linked to the liquor system. Ovary and uterus are linked to the bloodstream. Although brain and blood are closed circuits they exchange biomolecular information. More specifically neurotransmitters and hormones can influence both blood and brain.

The original concept of Darwin’s evolution theory ignores sex and focuses on reproduction. Darwin obviously was a child of the Victorian age. Female sexuality was not a suitable conversation subject in -dominantly male- academic society. The religious and cultural bias of the evolutionary concept lies in this (male) interpretation of evolution.

The general accepted theorema was/is that males have to ejaculate because sperm cells have to be brought into the vagina. That ejaculating is pleasant and relaxing did not start academical discussions or scientifical thoughts. Despite the fact that indeed the ‘urge to have sex’ is – like Sigmund Freud put it- emotionally driven and motivated by getting sexual statisfaction. In current evolutionary theory it looks like the sexually motivated female does not exist. Nor does female sexual motivation.

Despite gender every individual belonging to a certain species has similar neurobiological and neuropsychological abilities, possibilities, features and characteristics. Although the penis is anatomically and physiologically differentiated in sex and reproductive organs and urethra, the perspective of the beholder and the way the penis is experienced as a whole, had guided evolutionary theory to disregard this differentiations.

‘The penis perspective’ is biased. The penis has three functions; ejaculating through the urethra for reproduction, urinating through the same urethra, and sexual gratification because of the male corpus cavernosum (glans) on top of the penis.

In human females these three functions manifest themselves in three specific tissue structures; external clitoris and internal corpus cavernosum for sexual satisfaction and relaxation, a separate urethra and the vagina as a portal to ovary and uterus.

The SSIH contradicts the obvious theoretical male bias that still dominates the evolutionary discours. But moreover the SSIH assumes that it is time to revise and rewrite this scientific omission after almost 160 years of Darwin’s Evolution Theory.

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