Blood-brain barrier

On 3 november 2018

Most prominent anatomical feature of human genitalia is the entanglement of the blood and the brain system around organs eminently important for vertical biosemiotic evolution. The differentiation in human sexual organs on the one hand and reproductive organs on the other hand raises two questions.

‘How to explain this anatomical and genetic differentiation with axioms as Natural and Sexual selection within evolutionary theory?’

‘Which evolutionary outcome can be related to this species specific (neuro)biological and genetic differentiation?’

Fact of the matter is that the entanglement of sexual organs (brain) and reproductive organs (blood) is confusing in evolutionary theory rigged around reproduction. In the SSIH the theoretical viewpoint that evolution equals reproduction is labelled as scientific bias. As Hoffmeyer puts it: ‘If evolutionary theory talks about selection, there has to be ‘something’ or ‘someone’ that selects and interprets. Something that or someone who has the ability to select and interpret and is able to make choices by representing YES or NO.’

The core of Hoffmeyer’s book ‘Signs of meaning in the universe’ concerns his question: ‘When did something become someone?’

The cumulated entanglement of blood system and brain system in humans points to ‘someone’ with a consciousness sexual and social brain who can and will select and interpret significant sexual others. This someone being a female according to the Sexual Selection axiom in evolutionary theory. This someone selects between sexual signs representing males as significant sexual others present in the environment. This someone interprets the present significant sexual others and chooses between them. According to Hoffmeyer, patterns of selections, interpretation and choice are self-referential. Hoffmeyer states that in essence all life is self-referential.

According to the Sexual and Social Intelligence Hypothesis it is the self-referencing female that selects along her specific, individual, patterns of interpretation and meaning at a certain moment in time and place. As a consequence of which the main question for explaining human evolution is: ‘Given the entanglement between blood (reproduction) and brain (psychological sexual selection), which neurobiological and neuropsychological criteria have been important for selecting females?’

In the SSIH one of those criteria is sexual gratification, female sexual satisfaction, the female drive to have an orgasm. In evolutionary theory such criteria are called selection pressures.

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